Day 12

I walked early and I foolishly thought that would translate to blogging early as well. Soooooooo not the case. I spent the day selling books in the rain and freezing my hind parts off in the process. I recieved a lot of support and talked to a few nice people. It was a good day at my book stand!

Once home I had to take an hour just to thaw out and unwind. I ate dinner (my mother cooked bless her soul) and logged on. I had about fifty thousand emails to return and inventory to go over. I passed out about 8pm and woke up (I mean really woke up) at 3am.

At some point during the night I pulled my laptop in bed with me and was absently diddling on facebook.

So as soon as I really woke up, I logged back on and low and behold there’s a message from amazon stating that they were pulling one of my tittles…. THIS IS MY LIFE!!!!!

Now I am reading about the wonderful world of HTML drinking a cup-not a glass, but a big ass cup of wine and reviewing my files. In about an hour I will be going for another walk and getting ready to set up my stand.


Until Later


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