Day 13

I walked in the rain/snow for about 45 minutes. I was cold wet and happy. This quest for discipline seems to be working. I mean, I’m definitely sticking to it thus far, if shitty-ass weather isn’t stopping my strides, I don’t think anything will.

I want it bad, you know…

All of it, not just weight loss… I want to be the woman I dreamed of as a little girl. Powerful.
Whenever I was in a relationship, I would give the dude my all. Every, and anything to make him happy, keep him satisfied, and I believed that effort would be reciprocated. I looked to them to make me as happy as I tried to make them. It never worked. EVER!

Silly rabit...

I know now that happiness is a choice, a simple decision. I started making that choice every morning. “I am going to be happy today.”  I would say upon rising, and unlike the method I described above with the dudes, this worked.  95% of the time it works.

So now I’m happy. Oh I have bad days. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know this to be true. However, over, and under, and through it all, I am happy.

Since I have this happiness thing in the bag, I am on the pursuit of power.
Power - ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.
I have flirted with this principal in the past (that’s how I published those books you know), but I want the strength and conviction to accomplish all of my dreams.

That’s what this blog is about.

30 days + 30 walks + 30 blogs = Discipline = Power

I’m deep… lol

Until later


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