Blogger Blues

I started this blog years ago to be a public diary of my journey in the publishing industry. At some point, way back when, I started to interview other writers to highlight their talent. That took off and the original concept of the blog fell by the wayside.

Welp baby, I'm back!!!

I am entering perimenopause and I'm crazier than usual... I'm still battling obesity, hypothyroidism, hypertension, and anemia a clusterfuck of annoying healthaches. I am running a new company, well it's three-years-old, so It's like a toddler... It's always getting into shit, and putting said shit in its mouth. I gotta keep my good eye on it at all times. This isn't easy to do with a family to care for and a full-time job at a busy hospital, but I have an amazing team, so we get by.

Most of the time I feel like

But I won't stop because...

Amerime is a multimedia company with a blog, podcast, magazine, several youtube channels, and a robust publishing arm. That's a fucking lot, so I usually try to keep a tight ship and run everything precision.. which is why I decided me and my partner in crime Braheim Gibbs should participate in nanowrimo... I may have made this decision during a kinder gentler mood swing... but we can't really be sure that I wasn't possessed by a bored demon who decided to add more things on my overflowing plate for shits and giggles.

anyway... I've scheduled an appointment for HRT to get my crazy together and I will be back with an exciting new blog about my menopause adventures next week
until then

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