Day 11

It was a bad day. I had a rough night, but the day, well the day took the damn cake. I walked early with a good friend. I got to my book stand late, but I beat the rain, and started selling quickly. I was good. Then the cops came. They ran up on me like I was selling crack (major weight, not nickle and dime stuff). They demanded to see my license and then kicked me off a corner that I had a right to be on.

I cried…

However a few of my regular customers ran up and started giving the cops a hard time. Angela wiped my tears and offered to buy my book. She turned to one of the cops. “Can I have a pen so this AUTHOR can sign the book she wrote? She’s not hurting anybody and providing a service to a community that really needs it, but I understand, It aint like y’all have criminals to catch, or anything.”


Other people came over and helped me break down. They all bought something and gave the police what for. I sat in my car and waited for one of the officers to bring me my paperwork. I was deflated. Driving to L&I my friend tried to comfort me. It took a while but my spirit rebounded. L&I was closed so I went home and tried to get an updated vendor restriction list online. It wasn’t available.

I took a minute to get my head together, took a shower, poured a glass of wine, and then fell down the steps.


I decided to be still. I put on the TV and watched a couple of old movies.

Here’s to a better tomorrow


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  1. wow...keep ur head up mami....Believes that certain aspects of your life have to fall apart in order for something good to fall in to place

  2. I'm a believer. Thank you sweetheart!