Day 10

I got up and got going … I hit Black and Nobel for new releases and then sat up my stand on Bridge and Pratt. I need to pack a lunch and buy a mini cooler cause I can’t go back to eating all of that fast/junk food.
I have lost five pounds so far with my little walks. However, the real change has come from what I neglected to mention in my blogs.


I am cooking three meals a day and snaking on fruit instead of chocolate juniors and cheese curls. HERS CHEESE CURLS are peppered with crack.

That is the only thing that explains my obsession.

I have a big belly and I’m talking third trimester big so I am thinking of investing in an want of those ab dodads to help me whittle my middle!

In other news….

I love, love , love, love, my mini documentary… The next episode airs Monday 4/4/11 so stay tuned!
I am walking early this morning to the post office to get review copies out for Violet… (When I get a little sleep, I get bright ideas) This walk kills two birds with one stone.

I have to adjust the time I walk in any event… because It is becoming hard to keep it on the schedule at the end of the day… I am so fucking tired when I get home that it takes every ounce of will I got to get the walk in… so from here on out…. I’m walking in the morning…

When I get off the stand I am going to blog about today! I have to get the timeline of this blog back on track

30 days + 30 walks + 30 blogs = Discipline

Until tonight good people

PS – I really dig your support, you following me and commenting on facebook adds a level of accountability that helps me stick with this!


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