Day 9

I ran around all day… I laid tracks down in the studio, sold books at the stand, and edited an introduction to my mini documentary called “My Grind,” which I’m still working on. Lol
I went for a walk around 7pm. I walked for thirty minutes thinking about the shoes I want this spring. I wasn’t bogged down today by life’s hard choices. I was cool. (for that moment)
Then I came home and started to upload the footage of the day. It occurred to me that I needed to introduce my books to those who weren’t familiar with my series. So I recorded a brief summary of my books and edited that…
I had no idea what I was getting into! lol
But, that’s usually the case. I have an idea, and I’m on it like an arrow racing to the target. Mid-way there I’m like, what the hell, whose idea was this? My father gave me an essay when I was eighteen. It said that the universe honors commitments. If you commit to a decision with your whole heart, the universe will bend to make it so. I’ve made all major and minor decisions with that philosophy in mind.
And look where it has brought me…
I’m sitting at my laptop when everyone else is asleep. I’m blogging and editing an episode of my documentary.
As the hours passed by and I watch this video for the hundredth time, my confidence waivers, but the love of what I do holds strong.
I write because it’s like breathing. I market to reach new readers, because it’s necessary.
My eyes are stinging, my back is aching, my head is pounding, and yet I have a smile on my face.
Until next time


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