Day 8

I woke up with a much better attitude. I can’t cut out sleep on this quest to find discipline. I worked at a busy hospital this weekend doing back to back 12 hour shifts—total exhaustion! The mouth pain greeted me like an old lover about noon, but I pressed on. I’m getting used to it now and my next dental apt isn’t until Thursday, so I thought, Julia buck up… and I did
I walked by the river when I got off work. I love all bodies of water, because I’m part fish, so the walk felt more relaxing.
A few days ago I made a decision to pull out of an anthology I was writing for. I forgave myself by the river. I didn’t even know how much that decision was bothering me until I started walking and thinking of all the promotional work I’ve got to do over the next couple of months. That was the cause of my sudden sadness at work on Saturday. I am, at times, overwhelmed with this business. If it wasn’t for the loyalty and generous spirit of my readers, I would have walked away from publishing a year ago.
They keep me going. Point blank.
Then there’s Japan, and Haiti, and the real suffering the world over. My problems are put in true perspective against these harsh realities. I get a grip, and get over myself. I donated to the Red Cross and encourage everyone to do the same. My father always told me that depression comes from losing sight of your blessings. An awesome truth.
The pain was gone by the time I came home and ideas started to flow about ten o’clock. I was so engrossed with this writing spurt that I didn’t want to stop. So I didn’t. I banged out three chapters and promptly passed out.
I am still walking, still learning about myself and still blogging
Until tonight

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