Day 1

I’m trying like hell to make myself a priority… It’s a foreign concept for me.  I put myself last in everything and I just have to stop. I realize I just got this one life, one lil tour on this rock and it goes by pretty quickly. Yesterday I was celebrating my 25th birthday and in a few months I’ll be 34.
Your life is over or damn near over and you’re stuck with a bunch of regrets, or paying the consequence for a string of bad choices… I don’t want to be in that space. I want to live life fully, with a pinch of wisdom.
Here’s the thing, typing all of that is much, much easier than doing it. I am an impulsive emotionally driven individual, with a short attention span, and a flair for procrastination (not a good combo), but I’m determined to add discipline to the mix.
Here goes nothing…
For the next thirty days I will walk and blog daily. I’ve something to prove to myself. I want to ensure that I’m at the top of my priority list (right under God). I want to live healthy and write often. Giving both my body and my passion the respect they deserve.
 I walked 22 city blocks, drank water, worked on my current novel, and blogged... not to shabby :-)
Until next time

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