On my world (regional lol) tour

I am so nervous. You would think this is my first time out the gate. Ah, well, I’m putting on my big girl panties and heading out the door. Today I am signing with the DC BookDiva!  It’s a mobile book store in Washington DC on Minnesota Ave, between Clay and Dix Street. My nerves are setting in and I’m a little scurred, but I feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to meet new readers in a new city. This is the fun part!
I made my first face book video documenting the tour and I’ll be posting pictures and information about contest as soon as time permits. My son is featured on this tour with me ‘cause I truly could not do this without him. I love you all and I will see ya in the streets
In other news…
I am joining weight watchers this week (those Jen Hud commercials wore me down…lol) I’ve lost ten pounds on my own but I need help… so I’m gonna go get some. We are converting the guest bedroom into a gym and I’ll let you guys know about the progress with that. However, for now, I’m a walking my arse off… Literally.

Until Next time

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