What's My Writing Process?

I don't always feel good about being a tortured writer, but when I do feel good about it, I participate in all types of writerly shit. (yes writerly). I was tagged in this BLOG HOP by the fabulous Shonell Bacon-author, editor, blogger, teacher extraordinaire. You can read all about her writing process here.
 Shonell rocks harder than heavy metal. I loves me some her!

let us begin...

I am working on several books at once, and I am always working on several books at once. Hence the whole, "tortured writer," comment.  There is five tabs opened on my desktop. 

SM4: A Hustler's Heart is the fourth and final book to my Strawberry Mansion series. The book follows Begonia Brown, and her sisters to east jabip, a small town in the middle of nowhere. The young ladies have to learn how to live in a new environment after being placed in the witness protection program. ( I promise the synopsis will get better as I continue to figure shit out!)

Bound Together is the continuation of the short story Bound: An Erotic ShortDarnell Jackson made a living out of making lonely women moan. He was 6’2 inches and 230 lbs of pure chocolate sexual energy, and in his world sex was king—it paid the bills and passed the time. For a nominal fee Mr. Jackson would make all of your fantasies a reality. He prided himself on never getting emotionally involved with any of his clients no matter how good they were in the sack. Sex was business and business was booming, until he met Audrey Williams, a 45 year-old school teacher from South Carolina. Audrey Williams had never been with a gigolo before, in fact, she’d never done anything out of the ordinary in her life. Audrey went to work and went home, day in and day out. She yearned for excitement but had no idea how to get it until she overheard two women talking about paying for sex on her way to work. Every freaky thing that Audrey ever dreamed of doing flashed through her head and her panties were soaked by the time she reached her train stop. It took a little digging but she found a male prostitute by the name of Darnell who used personal training as a cover.  I have over a thousand emails requesting this short be extended, so extend it I will! 

The other tabs are Swinger: Based On True Events, Adjua's Fire, my first full length fantasy novel, and Facebook I am always on facebook (sigh)


I write drama, Bitch! And, I write it across the genres. I am a poet, and a playwright, so my books tend to be character driven with strong dialogue.   I also don't write weak women. You will rarely find a damsel in distress in my books. All my chicks be #badass. (was a hashtag really necessary within a blog post?) lol


The whole story has to come to me, and stay with me... for me to write it. Sometimes I am driven by curiosity of a particular subject matter, like my upcoming book Swinger. I have a friend in the lifestyle, and I wanted to know more about his world. I didn't participate in any swinger activities, but I ain't going to lie and say watching wasn't fun... researching that book was a damn good time. 


It starts with an idea. I get overly excited about said idea, and I can't stop thinking/talking/texting about it. When I know how the book will end, I go to the dollar store and go overboard on poster board. I then tack the boards all over my office, and start outlining on the walls. I'm an outline girl, can't write a lick without em. After I've inked in the boards, I start to write in composition books. I seem to get blocked when I type on a computer because I cannot turn off my inner editor. I'll spend hours making a paragraph perfect. (sigh) When I've filled my notebook up halfway, I'll start to type it up. I sometimes stray from this method, but not much, and definitely not often. 


Next week look out for three more blog post in the "Writing Process" blog tour... (I waited till the very last minute to complete this hop, and three author/shero friends of mine responded to my distress call) Procrastination is the devil! lol

My inspiration, Adrienne Thompson, a music-loving native of Arkansas, doting mother of three, grandmother of one, and author of 11 Women's Fiction and Edgy Inspirational Romance Novels. Website Amazon Youtube

My Literary Jewel Dropper, Kisha Green is a Author/Publisher who has a passion for writing and sharing her witty personality with many through social media. For more info about Kisha, visit her Website follow her on Twitter

My sissypoo, Junnita Jackson is the CEO of WeRead Literary Services, a wickedly erotic author, and kick-ass graphic designer. Website Amazon Facebook

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