Day 2

30 days + 30 walks + 30 blogs = discipline

I had a boss ass day, blog world! I could not ask for a better one. It just flowed, and I feel good. I went for my walk at about 3pm… It took me that long to convince myself to go. (Day 2 and I’m struggling already. Claude, have mercy)
This morning I got a chance to talk to a good friend about the publishing industry and life in general… that put me in a good place. I mailed out about ten review copies, went for a walk, thought about writing a lot of shit. Current word count … zero!!! After my walk I convinced myself not to order a pizza, and my son helped me cook dinner. J
I’m tired as hell but I’m pressing on... nobody’s going to do all this work for me … I am working on my outline … gearing up for my second quarter of sales and promotional campaigns, and genuinely being awesome(which isn’t easy)

Until next time

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