Happy Thanksgiving

I have a serious, and I mean serious hankering for mac and cheese. I'm on a friggen diet ( aka voluntary tour through hell) Who does that? Who decides two days before Thanksgiving that they need to make some life style changes?

Uh, that would be me boys and girls.

The house smells like everything good, and holy, and right in the world. A full spread with all the friggen trimmings and I can have none of it. My mother smiled at me this morning. "You can have a little bit of everything as long as you keep the portions small"

I've always suspected that she was a disciple for the devil, and this confirms it. "Small friggen portions my arse.

All jokes aside. I am happy and thankful for the place I'm in today, for family and friends, and a growing readership (Amen and Amen again!). I'm in the holiday spirit. fa la la la la laaaaa and all that jazz. I'm on my way to work. I'm seriously hoping to get a chapter or two done today.

until next time

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