2011 Tour

Schedule is coming together slowly. I now remember why I  use to pay others to do this for me. *sigh* I no longer have that luxury. The many hats of a self pubbed author... I always have so much fun on the road. It's the planning that bites. I am a procrastinator by nature and planning a tour goes against my natural instincts. I plan to have at least five dates confirmed this week. Keep your fingers crossed for me

The Tour Kicks off in Feb and closes in April these are some of the places I would like to visit

Philadelphia (of course)
     Black and Nobel Broad and Erie
     PhillyBookMan 15th and Market
     Horrizon Books Gallery Mall

New York
     Porgo's Book Stand
     Sistar Tea Book Stand
     Sexy Book Stand

New Jersey
     Novel tees
   A New Quality Literary Lounge

   DC BookDiva
   Cartel Cafe and Books
   Michele's Book Stand
   Literary Joint
   Urban Knowledge Book Store: East Point Mall
   Urban Knowledge Book Store: Mondawmin Mall


As always I am open to suggestions, and volunteers. Volunteers Rock!

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