My upcoming novel is due to hit stands on Christmas of this year. I am nervous as all get out. You would think that this time out the gate would be different....


The plot of this novel was the most complicated work I've ever attempted. The struggle to keep the storyline as real as possible while introducing extraordinary circumstance had me wanting to pull my hair out! In Violet's story you will revisit the characters of both of my previous novel. They've all been dealt a very bad hand in their young lives but grace, cunning,  raw street grit, and an unbreakable bond of love and friendship carries them through a shit-storm strong enough to break the mightiest of men. This book is one helluva a ride and...


I tinker with this story everyday. I am giving myself until Friday to release it to my editors. Christmas is a very short 26 days away...OMG If it weren't for the eleventh hour...

To whom it may concern:

I ain’t got no excuses for the shit I did. Ain’t nothing I can say to make it right. You play with fire, you get burned, and my ass was set ablaze.

P.S. tell my sisters that I love them
Violet Brown

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