I worked out today

Shit wasn't pretty. I was dragged out of a peaceful sleep by one of my hateful coworkers banging on the damn door like she thought I was sleeping with her man. I took a whore's bath ( just washing all the pertinent parts) and ran out the door. After several trips back to the house for this and that we made it to the gym. I hooked up my headphones to the elliptical and brought the damn pain. After about twenty minutes I climbed off that damn torture machine dripping with sweat and five pounds lighter(It's my blog and I'll make up shit as I see fit) lol... I did another thirty minutes of circuit training and left that fucker swag on full.

This was the first time I worked out in months and it felt great. I took a nap, dicked around on amazon, and facebook and decided to start a blog. loving it so far...

I think I can squeeze a few pages in before work and I just may have a proper bath.
Here's a pic

It's an old one...
until next time

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