When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
 Writing is something that I've done for as long as I can remember. I used to write essays in school and even won a district writing contest when I was in grade school. I knew that telling stories was my passion when I turned one of my poems into my first novel Broken Promises Never Mend. That was in 2009 and seven book later I'm still here. 

How long does it take you to write a book?
 I wrote my first two novels at the same time and that took me a year and a half for both. They were released within 6 months of each other. It usually takes me 9 months to a year depending on what I have going on at the time. Currently I work full time so my days have been consumed and my nights have been busy with trying to recover. I do  much of my writing on the weekend now. 

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?
 HECTIC!! I zone out with my mountain dew, sunflower seeds, shut off my internet and write for hours at a time listening to music. I need to feel what I am writing. If I am emotional while writing a scene or if I am aroused then I have done the job and my readers will feel the same. 

What is your latest release and what's next?
 My latest release dropped this summer and it is a sleeper hit. It is called "BLAQUE WIDOW" and it is about a woman involved in an abusive relationship who gives up one addiction for another... which is MURDER. The word is getting out and people are enjoying it. I appreciate it.  I am also in the midst of completing the series Prepaid Mistress and beginning another series that will be romance. My ultimate goal is to hit people with stories that they won't expect but they teach lessons in life and love. 

Here is an excerpt from the latest book Blaque Widow

“Are you okay with us being down here?” I said to my latest victim Lance Myers. I walked over to him from where the wall was and stood there watching him. My eyes adjusted to the darkness while his struggled horribly. He tried to look around but the crepuscule wouldn’t allow him.
All of what he saw was mostly shadows. We found the couch and I stood over him causing my curves to take over his vision. My bra was white lace and my mocha nipples stood erect cushioned by areolas of the same shade. His eyes watched as I massaged them to make them harder beneath the sheer material. They stood at attention as my fingers tweaked and pulled them to erection.
         “Yeah, yeah I’m good Taryn. I just want you to do what you promised me. I have to be home but you looked too good to resist. I always loved a thick woman. My wife is…”
As he aimlessly talked about his spouse, I felt a rage engulf my body. My hand raised above my head and came down upon him. I slapped him in the face and scratched him in the process. He didn’t care. He loved the abuse. It caused his erection to grow harder than a roll of quarters.
         “Shut the fuck up about your wife. You want me to suck and fuck you? The stipulation is I’m your bitch. No mention of any other pussy but mine. Is that clear?”
         I pushed him down on the couch and the springs responded to the pressure. As he adjusted himself under my weight, nothing was heard but squeaking and his heavy breathing.
I realized that I had him shook and scared that he wouldn’t be able to get the sex that I promised him. He had been waiting for months to try to fuck me but I kept giving him my ass to kiss. It was all a part of the plan. Make him want me so much that he would be willing to do anything and forego all sense of self. It had finally happened.
         All he could do was nod his head. Feeling his erection deep within my pussy aroused me due to the radiating heat. Drips of pussy juice escaped and landed on his crotch. I wore no panties and felt they were a waste of time and money. They ended up coming off eventually so why bother.
         Leaning back, I pulled at his waistline removing his belt buckle. He pushed my hand away and opened his jeans button. I felt my way around his waist and he eased up so he could pull his pants down around his ankles. As soon as he did, his dick bounced out of his boxers like a staff on a flagpole.
         “Damn, ready for me already are you? Good. I don’t like to wait for anything.” I adjusted myself and placed his chocolate dick deep within the folds of my pussy.
It was like stirring macaroni and cheese. The sounds of him deep within my walls felt like heaven. Thick remnants of my juices oozed down the shaft of his erection. It felt so good that I threw my head back and began riding him hard like a mechanical bull.
         “Ohhh shit. Damn…Oh my God you feel good.” Lance leaned his head back on the back of the couch and allowed me to take control. His thick hands gripped my waist causing indents in the side of my hips. I twerked my ample ass on his shaft and caused a tingling sensation within my stomach. I literally felt every inch of him inside of me. The churning of our juices blending was heard softly and moisture was seen oozing from the bottom of my pussy.
         I bounced on him hard and he grunted as his hard dick entered my cavity. My love tunnel responded to every thrust and the color changed from clear to thick as he hit my spot causing her to cum.
         “Uh uh yeah, oh shit damn you gon’ make me cum.” Lance gripped my dress tightly and pulled out my left breast. His tongue traced the outside of my mocha areola, which had tiny bumps surrounding it. That happened when I got aroused. I felt my body move like waves onto his and give way to the next orgasm that approached.
         I dove forward and applied more pressure onto his dick. Using my hand as leverage on the back of the couch, I rode him hard. The feeling that I gave him reflected on his face and he grimaced as if struggling to hold back. He was in bliss. So much so that he didn’t notice me sticking my hand in a piece of torn fabric of the worn down couch and pulling out a knuckle knife that was hidden. It cushioned my hands and Lance continued to be oblivious of the activities being plotted against him.
         The crook of my left arm cradled his neck ever so slightly and I brought my lips to his. It was as if we were exchanging breaths when in fact I began the process of taking his soul. He continued to thrust upward into my canal and he hit my g spot just as his tongue invaded my mouth. Upon climax, I felt hot spurts shoot within me as he reached his peak.
         At that moment, I brought my right hand up and stabbed him in the back of his neck so deep that his scream was stuck in his throat. Blood escaped and I tasted the blood on my tongue arousing me further. He thrust his waist up fiercely trying to escape the hold of death that gripped him.
Even though I already achieved an orgasm, the fact that it felt like he was still fucking me literally to the death turned me on. I maintained the hold on him until he grew limp in my hands.
         “Shhhhhhhh I told you I would be more than you could handle,” I whispered softly in his ear as his breath faded like a clock running out of batteries. The knife had pierced his carotid artery and punctured his windpipe. He had no control over what was going on with him.
         His eyes stared blankly into mine and appeared hollow. Even in the dark, I could see his blank stare. I knew he was gone. Crimson fluid seeped through his nostrils and out of the side of his mouth. I removed the knife slowly and wiped it on the back of the couch with remnants of his DNA joining others whose fate was left and lost in my hands. 

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