Getting My Life

Hello Cyberland,

It's been a minute since I've updated this thing, but I had a lot going on... I've decided not to be obese any more. That  decision requires a lot of time and focus. I mean it took me years to get this broken, so it's a fair assumption that gluing all my pieces back together will take a little time as well. I've got time in spades. lol

So the purpose of this untimely blog update is as follows...

1. Getting my life
2. flexing my will

1. I've always had a problem with self esteem. I never thought very highly of me... Oh, I talked a good game. I mean I knew that saying you hated yourself was socially unacceptable, so I always said what was expected. "Julia loves her some Julia," and other bullshit of the same ilk. The truth of the matter was I had no idea how to love myself. I had no examples of self love. I constantly abused myself, and allowed others to abuse me. That all changed about a year ago. My father's cancer took a turn for the worse. My company was failing miserably, and I had to go back to work. Throughout the chaos, I started to fall in love with me... little by little day by day. So now I want the best for Julia. I want her to live her best life, and not just quote acceptable things. I want to do for myself. I really believe I'm worth the effort.

2. Everyday I make small choices that lead to big changes. I am choosing happiness with every "no" I utter.
I will blog everyday this month. No matter how long, or short the blog, I'm gonna do it every damn day...
I've incorporated some daily exercise and meditations, but I can tell you all that tomorrow...

Until next time

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