To 2014 With Love

Dear New Year,

I am changed. I guess the previous year wiped away the last of the little weak girl who did not value herself as she should. A woman, forged in fire, emerged to replace her. I am writing you this letter to introduce myself, and to share with the world my hopes for the next 12 months... My dreams... My Resolutions...

1. I will deepen the relationship with my God.
2. I will continue to honor my commitments to me
3. I will challenge myself and meet every challenge
4. I will strengthen my will.
5. I will go to school
6. I will forgive easily
7. I will write daily
8. I will eat right, and exercise
9. I will have adventures
10. I will try for love
11. I will be good to my family
12. I will aspire to excellence!


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