Fuck out of here...

That's my new motto. I ain't stuntin negativity and I threw the invitation to your pity party in the trash.

Life is HARD for Us ALL...

I've found my success hidden behind my excuses and my feelings. I use to have a why me attitude, now I gotta Why the fuck not me swag. I can have anything I put my mind to, and you can too. Everything that is blocking your way was once in my path as well. Get over it!!!

I don't want a life of squalor. I did the poverty thing... It doesn't suit me... so I wake up and work as hard as I possibly can. I write until my eyes are stinging and my wrist hurt. I push on, because I know where I came from and am determined not to go back there.

Writing a book, a good book is not easy. Shit's harder than a young boy at his first peep show, but it's rewarding. When someone stops me in the street just to tell me how much they enjoy my work, I am overjoyed.

This blog is a mini rant  about the haters who reside in all of us. The little voices that tell us we can't do it. It's too hard. We're not worthy... I say to that voice....

Fuck Out Of Here!!!!

Until next time

what happened when I stopped making excuses!

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