Fairy Tales

The stories that are near and dear to my heart always feature a princess (or some equivalent). A woman that is beautiful and kind, gifted and intelligent, a lady... flawed but true.

The men...

They are knights in shining armor, always strong, ever the protector. The men of my books are strong and very kind towards women and they love with their whole hearts!

I've never ever come across this in my real life. I don't know why so don't looki for answers this a way :-)

I started this blog a couple of days ago. I was in a sad place... pushing myself way to hard, and beating myself up really really bad. I still have low moments, but I recognize them instantly and start to fight them... This time I decided to crawl back in bed with a good book and enjoy the peace of a beautiful day. I chose "Stone Flower Garden" by one of my favorite authors Deborah Smith.

She had me captivated from the very first line and I smiled, snuggled into my covers, and escaped into the world of Burnt Stand.

I was half way through the book when I realized I was crying. Ol Deborah has a wicked way with words. I was transfixed by the nobility of the character Eli, a poor hillbilly kid from North Carolina who was a wiz with numbers and the finest gentleman with a southern drawl. I put the book down and thought about the men in my past. There wasn't a protector in the bunch. This made me sadder still. I got up out of bed put on my pjs and made a pot of coffee. My son watched me warily as I walked around the house. I was silent and I'm usually loud as hell, and that made him nervous. I went to his room to assure him that I was a lil moody but otherwise okay. I teased him until he believed me.

Back to the Stone Garden in Burnt Stand...

Steaming cup of coffee in hand I climbed back in bed and back into my book. The love that Eli had for Darl was breathtaking. I was charmed by there stormy romance and glued to the pages. I got a txt from I guy I was recently dating... It made me smile. I told him I was having a bad day and he offered to take me out for a drink...

I was tempted to go...


We're not right for each other. I wasn't going to let a sad moment influence bad decisions. I want to be swept off my feet like Darl was by Eli. I've settled in the past and ... it never worked out. If a man does not have honor, pride, intelligence, and a burning desire to be with me, I don't want him. Point Blank Period!

I loved that day. It was beautifully sad and peaceful. I finished the book, ate a sandwich, watched a movie, and went to bed. The next day I opened my stand and worked for my client. Today I'm walking and opening the stand.

Who needs a Fairy Tale when you have a GOOD LIFE :-)

Until Next Time


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