The Secret.

I watched it on Oprah and then became obsessed with the principles ... I read the book and bought the DVD, but I never applied it. That is until a really close friend slept with a man I was dating (thought that shit only happened in books) She broke my already bruised heart and I finally lost faith in people and gained faith in God.

In enters the principle of  "The Secret"

I am in a happy place. Books are doing well, moving to a new house, getting a fresh start... no fuggen complaints all because I changed my thinking.

I sat at my desk a year ago in the midst of a pain that I won't revisit on this blog (has a lot to do with the situation above), and I made a vision board. On it I placed a single family home, a new truck, a million dollars, a book store, and a picture of me smiling.  I have received everything accept the million... but I have no reason to believe that it's not coming. Shit everything else happened.

In the midst of working through some things and working towards others, I went through colossal setbacks and heartaches to numerous to list on this blog, but if you scroll through my earlier entries you'll get the highlights. I MUST NOTE THAT I NEVER ADMITTED DEFEAT AND HAD AN UNWAVERING FAITH THAT GOD WAS WORKING AND I'LL HAVE SUCCESS...

but the success was redefined and focused.

I want love... I have love from family and friends...
I want to be read... I have thousands of readers...
I want a purpose driven life... I have an awesome gift...
I want to be happy... I have joy!!!

I'm making a new vision board this evening, because baby it works if you work it... on it I will put a pair of size 10 jeans... a picture of the Queen (I want to go to England).... a sports car... Million dollars... and a picture of me smililng!!!

Until next time


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