Pushing On

I started this blog three times because it sounded so fuggen weak and pathetic. I dislike public complaining because I believe that it gets you nowhere.


I hurt, it hurts... my computer crashed and I was caught with my fuggen pants down. I backed up nothing and as I struggle to recreate it all...

These thoughts and these feelings threaten to derail my efforts...

Everything is gone, Dawn of Destruction... Fire born... Wolf Pack... Fornication Volume One... Fornication Volume Two... Sassy: A Love Story... and many more... Six months of key pounding is gone and I find it hard some times to push on.

I wake up and log on fb and twitter and I don't want to post anything but ... HEY EVERYBODY MY WORK IS GONE... but I don't. I am writing day and night but my heart is so sick and I get weary trying to put on a brave face

So I figured go ahead and cry and don't hold this shit in Jules... It's way too much... Write a blog about it and let your tears hit the keys.

I am writing day and night chasing the magic of the words that were wiped away. I'm not giving up I'm pushing on...

But it's hard, really hard...

Until next time

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