Writing life

As soon as I wake up I log onto the computer and check my sales stats. ( I'm going to make thanking God for opening my eye the first thing I do... smh) After I make sure my breath won't kill the daisies I open up all of my works in progress(that's the actual name of the folder)

I read what I have written in my last session and then I put coffee on the boil... ( I may just bite someone without morning coffee so this is a precautionary measure) Coffee in hand Log onto social media and shoot the shit with me cyber fam. A bit of promoting and then I outline... I've been getting into the habit of doing outlines by chapter.

Insert Lunch, Facebook, and Twitter here!

This is around the time I start beating myself up to take a walk...

Then a movie, and then back to writing... I can usually churn out 3000 to 6000 words spread over three different books ;-)

I want to release a lot of books this winter so I've got to tighten up that schedule above!
Until next time

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