Todays ajenda...

To change...

I need to finish what I start and making left turns when I normally would turn right. I can't see how going into the last quarter of this year with my old habits and excuses intact are going to get me any new results or a bright new year.

First thing to go...
I set impossible goals for myself and unbelievable heaps of stress. No more deadlines or set release dates. I am the head of my household, everyone lucks to me when things go south, so I have to calculate my responsibilities in all that I do.

Then there is the discipline thing.
I have tried to cure myself of the laziness and disorganized disease that I contracted in the late 90's... It aint workin... I am the most delightfully scatterbrained person you will ever meet. No more lofty goals where this is concerned. I'll take everything one day at a time.

My weight...
Shit, I have never, and I mean never met a cookie I didn't like. Diabetes hurt, I am in constant pain most days and a plenty lethargic other days. Diet and exercise need to be in the forefront of my thoughts/day/life... smh I'll let you know how I'm doing with that as we rush towards 2012...

What will stay the same.

Being self-aware...
I am acutely  conscious of my strengths and weakness, and GI Joe taught me that knowing is half the battle... I just need to beef up on the whole "doing something about it" part and I will be fine as wine!

My work ethic
despite everything listed above... I still work like somebody is behind me with a whip at the ready. This contributes to a lot of the aforementioned STRESS. I am going to try to work smarter, not harder (That's what Dan's father always told him on Rosanne) lol

I woke up with these thoughts... I hope they stick!

Until next time

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  1. I love your blog, Julia! Very authentic! That "laziness and disorganized disease" that you speak of affects many on a day to day basis! I'm suffering right now! We should start a a fund, lol.

    Just keep doin' you, chic!

  2. Aww you are so sweet... I try to be as real as possible here... this blog keeps me grounded and steady on coarse... lol thanks for taking the time to read it!