I spent the day

puttering around the house and working on new projects. Half the day was gone by the time I finished cleaning my room, the bathroom ,and the kitchen. I set an unobtainable deadline of 12am and I am nowhere near reaching it. I took a walk around 7:30 and spent way to much time watching documentaries!

On the upside...

I booked my fabulous writers retreat for the first weekend in November, and some of my favorite authors is  going with me. Room is paid for, bags are packed, and I am so friggen happy about that, I've been cheesing all the day long. Watched "Cowboys and Aliens" and it was ten different kinds of AWESOME!!! but I missed my cousins cookout... ate a bowl of raisin bran for dinner. I'm truly not trying to be that healthy. I prefer meat because I'm a carnivore ... lol

Getting way too personal...

In exactly one month from today I will have made it through an entire year of celibacy. It was/is hard, however it was/is the most healthy decision I've made in a long time. I've learned things about myself, and gained a confidence and level of self respect that is utterly priceless. Happiness, fulfillment, joy, love, and self esteem  have absolutely nothing to do with whats between my legs. I said it before, because I'm smart enough to know that's the socially acceptable stance. I now believe it beyond  a shadow of a doubt, because I'm living it!

Until next time good people!

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