16 hours at work

Is way to fuggen long to spend at a job. Feet hurts, back hurts, head hurts, and I'm mad as hell... I walked for the one break I had today, and I cussed and fussed with every friggen step... lol

okay... I'm over it.

I totally forgot about mobile blogging or I would have gotten this installment of my discipline quest in on time... such is life ( I was to busy being way to mad... and playing on fb)  As I sat in purgatory I got to thinking on how much I needed a vacation. I fantasized about having a beach all to myself in the fall. Just the waves, the moscato, and my laptop. ... ahhhhh

Sooooo I posted the idea on facebook and other writers became interested. AWESOME!!! Even if it's just a precious few of us... wouldn't it be grand to spend the weekend in the company of writers without all the other pressures of life? Intense writing sessions in the mornings followed by robust critiques in the evening over way too much wine and good food...


well I have to scam... I've deadlines ya know!
Until next time

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