Cheater cheater junk food eater!

I'm such a dirty rotten junk food slut. I ate every greasy nasty sloppy cheesy carb-filled sugary thing I could get my hands on these past couple of days. I thought about walking and working out, but I didn't do it.

and I couldn't blog... (imagine that)

Let us examine some of the excuses, I mean reasons I got of track...

1) I didn't walk because I had no headphones for my phone, and i couldn't put sneaks to pavement withought my music mannnnnn.

2) My bestie at work brought in a cake she made from scratch and I had to have a slice (I had to because I didn't want to hurt her feelings) The second slice, well, the cake was better than multiple orgasms!

3) I bought a pizza cause it's hard to cook on a hot day, and another one because it's only five dollars (Damn you Little Caesar)

4) I went on a date and ate my ass off at Red Lobster! HE WAS MAD THAT I DIDN'T PUT OUT ON THE SECOND DATE SO ITS ON TO THE NEXT ONE! (that was soooo high school.)

5) I became fiendishly obsessed with water ice and ice cream.

Getting back on track...

I like the way my body is starting to look so why am I hurting myself. Now don't get me wrong. I usually eat whatever the hell I want on any given day, but I don't over do it. This past week I was backsliding into my old habits that made me obese in the first place. I will not, however, be using the long list of fuck-ups to justify continuing my bad behavior.

Those days are so OVER!!!!

Three days ago I walked to wawa (about 2 miles there and back) with a co-worker who walks everyday without fail. I matched her speed.

Why in Sam hell did i do that????

By the time we reached the deli, my ass, thighs, and calf's were on fire. My heart was on the verge of exploding and my lungs were fittin (yes I typed fittin) to collapse.

ALL kinds of bells and whistles went off in my spirit.

SO now I'm focused and back on track. Eat to live, Julia. Move your body, Julia. Drink water, Julia. No excuses, Julia. Your Life is at stake.

I did Taebo abs this morning.I'm heading to work and I'll be walking on my breaks

Until next time

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