Purple Toes

I get a gift for every 10lbs I drop off my frame. First up was a mani-pedi (spring in full swing, time to pull those toes out right?) and I hovered at a frustrating 9lb lost for about  two weeks. I had the blues... (well maybe not blues but I wasn't overjoyed!)

Well long story short...

My mother and I run errands together on the weekdays that I'm off, and the other day she was in a great big hurry. It was warm and I decided to wear my short shorts to show off my thick thighs( love the skin you're in right?) anywho... She was rushing/nagging/yelling at me whilst I painted my fingernails. It went sort of like this

"Will you come on?"
"Mom, my nails aren't dry."
"Why are you getting all dolled up, you trying to catch a man? We are just going to the supermarket"
"No, mom," I said rolling my eyes and smiling. "I can get pretty just for me."
She mumbled something and then went downstairs and started hollering (I love that woman.)

Distracted I bent over and began painting my toenails. No big deal...


I haven't been able to bend over and paint my own toenails since 1996. I haven't been able to see my feet standing upright since 1996. I'm afraid I shall never  ever never go and pay for a pedicure never ever never again. I'm so friggen happy and I've been happy for days.

I have since bought nail polish in every single color.

It's working people!

Until next time


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