Day 6

Well folks I walked my ass off today. I started early and I did it often. (The walk to the post office damn near killed me though. I was thinking of getting my stomach stapled, and my mouth sewed up partially, lipo suction, crack… any and everything possible to lose weight without diet and exercise. On the walk back to the house I had to stop myself from ordering a pizza and calling a cab!
I was buggin… lol
 I didn’t experience any mouth pain, Halleluiah and THANK YOU JESUS! So I set up my book stand on the corner of Bridge and Pratt, and worked on my outline. I’m here to tell ya that, that there was a real good thing. I haven’t been able to write any fiction in a week and a half. So I was wayyyyy overdue.
I can barely keep my eyes open as I write this, so I’m going to call it a night!
Until next time

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