Pimping out my gift…

For a very long time I’d lost the joy of writing. It became a job and I treated it as such. A way to get paid nothing more, nothing less.  I can’t tell you exactly when it happened. I can tell you that it totally sucked ass.
I remember dreaming of fame and fortune thinking that the novel I was writing was going to change my life for ever. That wasn’t the problem; mind you, all writers day dream. It was when the paper chase became the focus of my writing, the joy left. I committed a cardinal sin. I wrote with the bottom line in mind.
The stories became harder to jot down. The characters seemed fake imitations of people, and I started to dislike writing.

When I first started writing, I wrote of witches, alien planets, and multiple dimensions. It was horrible, but I loved it. I wrote all the time, poetry, plays, and songs, whatever. I was happy and talented and that was enough. I am slowly getting back to that place. I no longer see the money in it. The joy is returning. The characters are real. The writing feels like play again.

And I am happy. I think I'll take a writing class or two. I need to improve on my basic grammar skills. I do want to be the very best writer that I can possibly be.

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  1. I Love It!!!!Honest Raw and Real. (PS I know when it happened)

  2. I understand and can relate 100%. I am going to inbox you in a few. But I soooooooooooooooo understand!

  3. Kudos, my friend...I think you have arrived at a place many writers never achieve. Write what you love and we will read it...promise.

  4. Thanks guys. It wasn't easy getting to this place, but I'm so glad to be here!