Clubtwentyone BookClub

Three Years ago I met the CEO of CTB at “As The Page Turns” Christmas party in Philly. I was on the panel, and scared out of my mind. I did my little spiel about my debut novel, Strawberry Mansion. I waited politely as the other panel authors spoke in turn, and I looked at the door longingly and often (I told you I was scared!)


The members of CTB were the first at my table to buy books. They were awesome and made me feel welcomed. After about five minutes of chatting with them I no longer wanted to head for the hills. They asked a lot of questions and invited me down to diner. I was so friggen happy and excited you’d think I was invited to the White House or something. I lived in Harrisburg at the time and my literary grind was on full tilt. I brought all the members little gifts and hit the road. Once I sat down with these ladies I knew they were special, and I knew I wanted to be apart of their club! (They fed me…and then couldn’t get rid of me.)

We’ve been tight ever since.

This note is a small thank you. I am honored to be a member of this group of wildly talented, fiercely loyal, and extremely silly, ladies. Tonight I hang out with my sisters at the place where it all started

I love you guys

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