HAVE JOURNAL WILL TRAVEL with Kendra Littleton

For as long as I can remember I’ve kept a diary. I loved having a book of secrets that held the words of my inner thoughts under lock and key.  I never knew how truly beneficial it was to get your thoughts out on paper. I stopped writing in a diary in my late teens. I was a young mom dealing with a lot of shit, and I didn’t have the time to indulge in it. I believe that if I knew about the upside of journaling I would have never stopped.
So here are three reasons you should dive right into it… HAVE JOURNAL WILL TRAVEL

The lifestyle of an entrepreneur can have you freaking the fuck out on the daily basis. You’re faced with problem after problem and different personalities that can scrape against yours. It is easy to get weighed down by this crap and lose perspective. Journaling offers clarity and distance.

There are many situations where I’ve been deeply hurt by someone or something, and for whatever reason, I could not find closure. There were no apologies, no explanation, and no retribution. I’ve learned to write this out and let it go.

If ever there was a reason to pick up a pen and start writing your heart out is this. JOURNALING IS PROVEN TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM AND FIGHT A PLETHORA OF AILMENTS!!!

I currently battle depression and anxiety with a gratitude journal published by my friend Junnita Jackson.

INSPIRATION - MOTIVATION - GRATITUDE A gratitude journal and adult coloring book, Through It All, is filled with inspirational quotes to help you feel motivated to create a daily practice of gratitude. Mandala coloring pages helps find hours of relaxing, stress-free "you" time between the pages of this gratitude and adult coloring journal.

One of my favorite people, Kendra Littleton, a reviewer for the Video Network shares how journaling helped her as a child, and continue to help her today.

I started to journal when I was 14 years old. My mother passed away two weeks before my 15th birthday, and writing out my feels was the only way I knew how to cope with the pain. Journaling is the best way to get out your thoughts and make sense of them. I write in three different journals daily. First is my prayer journals. I write my prayers and petitions to God and remind him of his promises. Second is what I call my everyday thoughts journal. I write everything I go through from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. Last, but not least is my journal of poems. I write in this one when I just feel like I can't take life no more.  I'm thinking about turning journals into books to help other young ladies through the pain of losing a loved one, and/or the pain of a bad break up.

 What types of books do you read?
I read all kinds of books my favorite books to read are love stories. 

How many books do you read in a month? How many do you review and how can aauthors contact you?
I read 20 to 25 books a month because I love to read and I review at least three of those books for The Video Network. Authors can contact me on my facebook. All they have to do is inbox me their link and The Video Network team and I will buy the books.

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