A.J. Write was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland but now resides in Georgia with her husband and daughter. She started reading urban fiction books in middle school and fell in love with the art of writing. She also began writing poetry while in middle school where she was entered into a few poetry contests. It wasn't until years later that she finally decided to give writing a shot. After sending in her manuscript for what is now called A B-more Love to a few publishing companies she decided to sign with Lucinda John and her company Lucinda John Presents.

What sparked the idea for Three Kings Cartel: A hood Love Story?

 I was in the middle of writing A B-more Love 3 when the idea of writing about 3 brothers who finds love differently came to mind. I was very excited to write about it and didn't know it would become such a big success. I just wanted to show how even though they were a family they were different in many ways. I wanted to somehow make it where the readers could relate to those types of men. Love can be found differently and I came up with different scenarios as to how I wanted it to be portrayed.

Are Jace, Jackson and June based on people you know?

 Jace and Jackson aren't but June is. June is a character that's based off a very good friend of mine from high school. He's funny as hell and is a ladies man who doesn't think love is for him. My friend is older now but June is based off his younger days. Of course I have to put a spin on it but I think most will probably relate to June more than they did with Jace and Jackson.

How long did it take you to finish the first draft, and what was your writing process?
It takes me a month to write my books. I honestly don't have a process. I just write when I have the opportunity and when the characters are talking to me. I have to find time to write due to me having a very active 7 month old. Somehow I'm able to write a lot.

Who is your favorite character, and least favorite character and why?

 I can't say that I have a favorite character because I love them all. They are My babies. This was My favorite series to write, to date. I have a certain connection with these characters that I don't think I can part with anytime soon. My least favorite would have to be Jalysa. Even though she's a character I made up I really didn't like her. There's so many females out in the world who are like her and I couldn't stand her. Any time I wrote about her I think I typed angrily. She made my skin crawl some and not because of her circumstances but because of her character.

When you ask who runs Baltimore, there’s only one name that comes to mind: The Vincent Brothers. These brothers are known for their looks, charm, and crazy ways. There’s Jace, Jackson, and June; and in that order. The females lose their mind when the brothers grace them with their presence, but none have yet to capture any of their hearts. Tragedy struck them when they were young, and ever since then their hearts have been closed off to any female. 
Jace recently broke up with his long-time girlfriend, Jalysa. He didn’t love her, but he kept her around. He knew she wasn’t the one, but he was the one for her. Jace doesn’t care about much but family and his money. He had to be a man before his time to take care of his family. Jace wasn’t looking for love until his heart stumbled into the palms of India. There’s only one problem. Jalysa isn’t ready to let Jace go.
India moves to Baltimore in hopes of getting away from her ex-boyfriend Tank. She is ready to start over. It’s a good thing she had friends in Baltimore. India and Jalysa have been friends their whole lives, and Jalysa welcomed her with open arms. India has never been one to step on anybody’s toes until she meets Jace. India tries to keep her distance but can’t help how she feels. Tank is lurking in the shadows for his chance to claim what’s his again.

Read this story of love, deceit, and heartache. Will Jalysa ever let Jace go? Will Tank ever get what he feels belongs to him? Will India and Jalysa’s friendship remain the same once she moves to Baltimore? Who’s love will prevail in the end?

Chapter 3 

Man shorty at the store was bad as hell. I knew she couldn’t have been from here since she didn’t know who I was and wasn’t drooling over me. But damn, when I say shorty was bad in every sense of the word, that was what I meant. I didn’t normally drool over no female. And she only had some sweats and a t-shirt on, but I could see shorty’s figure through all of that. She was short as shit, but I could make an exception. I couldn’t believe she didn’t take my offer up on going out to dinner with me. I had never been turned down in my life. Hell she acted as if her bumping into me almost killed me. That shit was funny, I must say. 
Baby girl was absolutely perfect, and I only knew her name. I knew I’d see her again and when I did I was definitely not taking no for an answer. She had to be like 5’4”. She had smooth ass brown skin. And she has a lot of fucking hair, but it looked great on her. I could tell it was hers too. I liked that shit. She was thick in her own way with a handful of breasts. Shit I realized I was still standing in the same spot just thinking about her until I heard my name being called. I looked around until I saw who was calling my name. “Jace. Hey boo. How you doing?” I heard. I frowned. Naw it wasn’t Jalysa, but it was another chick I used to mess with who was just as annoying as her. “What’s up, Tammy?” I asked dryly. 
She looked as if she was coming in for a hug until I said something. “Oooo, who pissed in your coffee?” She asked stopping in action. “Nobody. I got shit to do so what’s up?” I asked her. “I was just coming over to speak but also to ask you a question.” She said crossing her arms. “Ok what?” I asked. “I mean. I just wanted to know what’s up with me and you?” She started, but I didn’t even let her ass finished. I just walked off. I didn’t have time for her bullshit. I heard her calling my name, but I just kept it moving. Hell I didn’t even buy anything. I just left the store and made my way to the courts. I was late anyway. 
When I finally got there, I could see my brothers and crew out there warming up. I made my way to the court and as always these niggas started cracking. “Oh finally this nigga found the time to grace us with his presence.” Jackson said. “This nigga is going to be late to his funeral. I swear if I catch you walking down the aisle to your casket, I’ma shoot your ass.” June said. “Man, fuck ya’ll. I swear I got a legit ass reason for being late this time.” I said. “Oh I got to hear this.” Shawn, one of our homeboys, said. “Aye, nigga, shut up. You can’t talk with your five baby mommas having ass. I don’t know how you on time for any damn thing.” I said. 
“That’s cuz I got my baby momma’s in check. I don’t play that shit. They can try me if they want to. They know if their ass acts up they won’t be getting none of that Brazilian bullshit they put in their hair, none of them wack ass nail designs they get, or them funky ass name brand clothes and purses they like to stunt around with. They know the deal. Unlike you my late ass brother. I got my hoes in check.” He said. “My nigga.” June said dapping him up. “June, you got a lot of got damn nerve when you got bitches fighting over you all day every day.” I said. 
“See keyword there is they are fighting. Not me. I ain’t got shit to do with that. I get what I want and keep it moving. I don’t fuck with none of these bitches more than once. Nobody can claim or tame my ass. And no one ever will.” He said matter-of-factly. 
Tommy, another nigga from our crew, stood there shaking his head. “The fuck you shaking your head for, nigga?” I asked. “Because. I’m standing here with all you grown ass men and none of ya’ll can keep a chick for nothing.” He said. “Ahhhhh here this in love, pussy whipped ass nigga go,” Jackson said. “I’ll be all that because I got something none of ya’ll have, and that’s somebody in my bed every night. The same person at that. There’s going to come a time in ya’ll life where you come across the one. Now I know ya’ll situation. Hell I been through it all with ya’ll, but one of these females out here is going to lock ya’ll down.” He said. 
“Will somebody shut this Farrakhan ass nigga up. Don’t nobody wanna hear that shit. There is no pussy out there that can lock me down. I’m not having that shit. I can’t and won’t deal with the nagging and crying and emotions. And all that shit. Nobody has time for that.” June said waving his hands around all dramatically. “Ok now I’m not like them two over there. I believe there is somebody out there, and I think I found her today. Well more like she bumped into me.” I told them. “What the fuck you talking about?” June asked. “Man this little chick bumped into me literally in the store before I got here. She was rambling on and on about what happened, but she was cute as shit. I mean like fucking gorgeous, and I asked her out because she asked how she could make it up to me, but she told me no.” I said shaking my head. 
“You lying. For the first time in your life you was told no. Now how the fuck does that feel?” June asked crossing his arms. “Shit. I was shocked my damn self, but man when I tell you shorty is bad. I don’t even give a fuck that she told me no. I’ma see her again. I’m sure of that. And she said she just moved here. Ya’ll know how I roll.” I said. 
They all just stood there looking at me. “This nigga done fell in love already. I mean you always been some damn hopeless romantic and shit, so I’m not even surprised you sound like a bitch right now. I gotta see shorty to believe it. Until then I don’t give a fuck what your Johnny-come-lately ass has to say. Now let’s get this fucking game going. I got some pussy waiting on me.” June said. “Man your dick gon’ fall off.” Jackson said. “Nigga, you got some nerve. Don’t even get me started on your ass. Cuz this damn bonding time will be spent on me roasting all you niggas. So what’s up?” He asked smiling. We all started laughing, because we all knew June’s ass could go and wouldn’t stop. I would admit that the niggas was funny, but we ain’t got time for all that. I came to play and whip these niggas asses. 
“Aye who betting. I got five bands on each game.” Shawn said. “Oh this nigga betting big money I see. You must be feeling lucky today.” June said. “Just cuz your cheap ass don’t bet high don’t hate. And yea you right, I do feel lucky today.” Shawn said shaking his shoulders. “Shit I’m down. That ain’t nothing. Shit let’s make the shit even more interesting. We’ll double the amount each game we play. For you slow niggas that me ten bands the next game and twenty bands for the following. So how many games ya’ll tryna play?” I asked. “Oh ya’ll niggas really fucking betting. Well ya’ll know my cheap ass don’t carry much money on me for this fucking reason alone. I swear ya’ll niggas kill me with this shit. Who the fuck bets down payments on shit. The fuck I look like giving my hard earned money to any of ya’ll?” June said. 
“Man stop bitching. We go through this shit every fucking week with you only for you to end up still playing anyway. We know you’ll owe whoever if you have to. Shit that’s chump change to us all.” Jackson said to June. “Man, that’s chump change to ya’ll but that’s my money. I’m not flashy and I’m not with getting robbed and shit. I don’t care if we are running this fucking city. Ain’t a nigga gone catch me slipping.” June said getting serious. “I feel you.” Tommy said dapping June up. 
I looked at this nigga and shook my head. “Your ass act like you going broke anytime soon. Nigga, you have enough money to supply a few fucking states and your ass always acting broke. Niggas know who you are re-fucking-gardless. I’m not saying I don’t get what you saying, but damn, nigga, live a little.” I told him walking over to him and putting my arm around him. He immediately shrugged me away causing me to laugh. “Nigga, don’t be all up on me like that. I don’t know you like that.” June said laughing. “Iight niggas we been talking long enough. It’s time to play.”

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