Julia On Tour ~ Georga 2016

November 2015 I decided to go on tour. I wanted it to be epic. I wanted to meet old and new readers throughout the country. I had no idea how to accomplish this. I had no budget whatsoever, and almost no direction.

Didn't stop me though (I never let my financial situation determine my dreams) I just decide and jump off the cliff.

I posted my decision to travel on social media, and my readers showed up and showed out. They helped me organize the tour. They booked signings for me, and set up readings with book clubs. They shocked me, and I am still overwhelmed!

My first stop on the tour was Georgia

The ladies of SBS BOOK CLUB hosted me in Columbus Ga. They paid for my hotel stay and bought my boyfriend and I dinner to discuss the Fornication Series. I was in severe pain for most of the trip, and nervous as all hell, however, the ladies showed me a great time. They were delightful, and asked very insightful questions about my book. I had a great time, and swear that I felt no pain while in there presence. 

Nubian Book Store in Morrow was the second stop in Georgia. Now I was going through the equivalent of labor pains and my books didn't show up at the store... I was crushed. I called and ripped the printer a new one (not proud just stating the facts) The books showed up at the store an hour after I did. Marcus, the store owner is such a gracious host, and I had a ball <3

All in all. I had a great time with some very beautiful people. Traveling was murder, but my boyfriend took such good care of me on the trip, that no one knew how much I was suffering.

In a couple of weeks I will tell you all about Newark NJ

Writing Warrior Tour 2016

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