Cee Cee H. Caldwell-Miller, MA, CLC, ALS
Authentic Living Strategist – Magazine Senior Managing Editor

Cee Cee H. Caldwell- Miller is a native of Washington, DC and she now resides in Plainfield, New Jersey. Cee Cee attended Trenton State College in Ewing Township, New Jersey where she received a B.A. in Communication and Theater with a minor in African American Studies. She worked in the following industries: real estate, healthcare, retail, banking, higher education and software before deciding to pursue her Master’s degree. Her love for helping people, since she was young caused her to receive a M.A. in Counseling, Human Services and Educational Leadership with a Substance Awareness Coordinator, Cert. of Eligibility. She believes in continual education no matter what because applied knowledge is potential power.
Cee Cee has had a love for writing since she was 5 years old when her mother use to tell her to go write a story to get rid of her. Cee Cee began writing poetry, then she moved to writing one act plays, then into article/blog writing and finally to book writing. She believes that everyone has a story to tell.  Her love for the written and spoken word has increased as the years have gone by. In 2008, Cee Cee released her 1st book titled Be in Good Health: Living a Life of Happiness, Wholeness and Wellness which endeavors to help people live their best life, from the inside out in the 8 dimensions of wellness. Cee Cee released Unspoken Words “Love” Vol. I in October 2014 and has co-authored Network to Increase Your Net Worth in 2013 and Tainted Elegance in 2014.
In 2015,Cee Cee was signed to Imani Faith Publishing and will release Stewardship and Service: God's Way or Our Way in the future. She is also a part of No Test No Testimony, which is an anthology written to encourage people that they can make it through whatever they may be experiencing in their lives. She also became Senior Managing Editor of Real Life Real Faith Women Walking by Faith Magazine in 2015, which she know will change women's lives for the better.

When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer?

When I was, 5 year’s old after my mother asked me to go write her a story about a firetruck just to get me out of her hair. I started writing and I have continued since then in one form or another. I am a lover of word the written, spoken and living word. Words change lives, entertain and inspire and I love doing all of it.

How long does it take you to write a book?

It can take me anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the subject area or less. Since I am a non-fiction writer, I have to do research and that could take me a little bit longer depending on the subject area. Sometimes I work best under pressure especially when I have a deadline quickly approaching; I just buckle down and make it happen.

What is your work schedule like when you are writing?

I prefer writing in the evenings when the house is quite and then I continue until I feel that I had said all I wanted to say in that particular writing session or until 4 am. I set aside time every day to write something, whether it be for a book, poetry and article or in my journal.

What is your latest release and what’s next?

My latest release is called Stewardship and Service: God’s Way or Our Way. I have a goal of writing 12 books this year, which equates to one book per month, which includes eBooks, anthologies and my own individual projects. I already have my next manuscript in the works and I will be doing a few series as well.

Book Description:

Stewardship and Service: God’s Way or Our Way is a book, which shares the various principles of godly stewardship and service according to the word of God. In order to help all of us understand what God has mandated for us to do in this world. It is important that we do what we were purposed to do at creation and that simply was to serve with a loving heart. This book will enlighten, encourage and inspire the reader to be the best steward, servant and servant leader God has created them to be.

Book Excerpt:

“Servanthood is an essential part of being a Christian. Think about it for just a

moment. What if no one you knew was willing to do anything for anyone else? What if

they thought of no one but themselves. I know that many people would not be Christians

today without having, some people demonstrate the act of servanthood. However, first, What is

servanthood? Servanthood is getting rid of the words me, myself, and I. To be a true

servant you have to put yourself last. To be a servant is to consider others needs before

that of your own. A servant never does anything for his/her own personal increase, but to

further the kingdom of Christ. I am not saying you should not participate in anything

(work, school, church, reading books, going to the movies etc.). But, you have to

bear in mind how that might help you serve others (and ultimately Christ!) better. In my

opinion, servanthood isn't a thing you religiously practice one hour a week. Servanthood

is a mindset and it must be apart of your daily living not just an occasional thought or deed.”

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