When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Well, I've always kept a journal, since I was a little girl. However, the idea of being a writer/author didn't come until I was about to get out of Federal Prison, in 2007. Once I shared my story with the ladies who I was doing time with and experienced the freedom that came with, I knew then that I had found my true purpose and there were more lives that needed to be touched by what I'd gone through.

How long does it take you to write a book? 

It took me about a month to write "28 Days to Breaking the Cycle". In 2010, Dunkin Donuts became my safe haven! I got there everyday by 10am and wouldn't leave until about 10pm. Lol! This book was a purging for me, so the dire need to get it out was inevitable! Since then, I've created a Journal and audio book that took about the same time to write. But I must admit, lately it's taken me much longer to get this fourth book out. Writer's block is no joke!

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

My schedule is pretty flexible since I work for myself, so there's no pressure of having to adjust my life and that sacred time of writing to someone's command. Thankfully!

What is your latest release and what's next?

My latest release is the audio program I created, "The Dreamer's Manifesto". This work is about helping you to tap into your greatness so that you can change the course of your life and actually MANIFEST the life of your dreams. The program can be found at I'm currently working on my latest book, "Hiding Behind Failure", which is set to be released in May 2016.

Excerpt: When I walked in, he was in his bed, lying on his
stomach. I expected him to hit me with the belt as soon as I
walked in the room.
He told me to press play on the VCR and sit at the end of his
bed. The TV was on but there was no picture showing. I was
obedient, fearing that if I didn‟t, he would beat me.
When I pressed play, a porno started playing, showing a
white woman masturbating on the screen. He turned over in
his bed and I turned my head at the scene.
“Sit down on the end of the bed” he instructed.
I sat down but kept my eyes on the washing machine and
dryer that sat right outside their bedroom door. We lived in a
trailer, so everything was compact.
“Since you want to have sex so bad, this is going to be a sex
education class. I want you to do what you see her doing”, he
I was curious just like any other teenage girl but I wasn‟t
ready to have sex again, especially not after my first scare
with AIDS. Fear set in as I looked out the bedroom door,
refusing to look at that TV.
“Look at the damn TV!” he yelled.
“I don‟t want to look at the TV”, I told my daddy.
“Look at the damn TV and do what you see what her doing!”
I wanted to run but I was scared. Yet, I couldn‟t sit here. I
was not going to look at that TV!
I was panicking. It was getting harder for me to breathe.
“Take your clothes off and do what you see her doing!” he
He was breathing hard, trying to maintain the intimidation in
his voice, while getting aroused.
This just was not right.
I looked back at him. I wanted him to see the pain in my face.
That‟s when I noticed he didn‟t have on any clothes. He was
laying under the covers naked!
This can‟t be happening to me!
I began to cry. Oh, God! He wants me to do that in front of
him?! He‟s my Father!  
pg 56


Book can be purchased on amazon and kindle, just search 28 Days To Breaking The Cycle
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  1. I know you have to go through to get to an just this little portion had me glued i need to read pages 1- the end ms .simmons i wish you the best on your journey may god continue to bless u as u have blessed me in this time of lostness and darkness i have been in on to breaking cycles breaking chains on to a awesome breakthrough ! I PRAY YOU NOTHING BUT THE BEST AND SUCCESS ND STRENGTH ! LOVE U TIMES A MILLION IN JESUS NAME!