Book Review of Mondo Bohemiano

Is there life after having your heart destroyed? When ‘happily ever after’ crashes and burns? 

In the shadow of losing the love of his life, one man attempts to salvage his soul. He is Nigel Q. Bunnytail. Twenty-something, artistic warrior prince, and sex fiend par excellence. 
To accomplish this, he decides to leave behind the tainted trappings of his Philadelphia and his band of gifted friends, for the rustic charm of Spokane, Washington - and the white-haired therapist Sigrid Anderson, who can’t wait to either marry him or dissect him. 

Mondo Bohemiano is a love and sex farce – sometimes funny, sometimes poignant - and maybe equally instructive on what to do as well as what to avoid.

My Two Cents

Mondo Bohemiano (the title screams originality) is the story of how Nigel Q. Bunnytail recovers from love unrequited, however it's not your average romantic tragedy. It opens in the poetic subculture of 1995 Philadelphia, (two things very close to this author's heart), and then it takes you on a very colorful journey with a host of unique characters. 

Quentin J. Parker descriptive prose paints rich scenes and intense characters that makes this a fast paced and enjoyable read. I look forward to future works. Very well done sir. 5 stars!

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