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Symone Johnson, a 29 year old female Dr. Phil, is a well-known and successful counselor who thrives on helping troubled couples. With her simple approach, “Confess, Assess, and Address, then you can eliminate stress”
With two sisters married and with children, Symone faces the hardships of an overbearing mother whom takes it upon herself to play cupid with her life and won’t take no for an answer. Dating for Symone isn’t easy either, then again it never is for the daughter of a prominent pastor. Her life is under a magnifying glass being a member of the First Family. Every step she makes is scrutinized and judged, and she has to make daddy look good at all times.
When a forbidden love ensues, will Symone follow the word of GOD and live according to her overbearing parents, or will she follow the beat of her heart? No matter the choice, things are about to get real in the Johnson compound!
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About the Author: An ambitious young woman, born, bread, and raised in Dallas, TX, we introduce to you M’Hogany. From a very young age, she’s put thoughts to paper and let her creative side roam free. “I wasn’t like most girls keeping journals or diaries. Whatever I thought, I put to paper.” With a few poems suggested for publishing in her early childhood, she decided to pursue other venues of artistry. “Music is my life. I eat, sleep, and breathe all things musical. You can catch me singing almost anywhere.” As she embarks on the road of literature, she delves back into writing putting it all on paper.  Expect future works from this young writer and keep an ear at the ready as she embarks on her musical and literal endeavors.
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