Tired as a $2 hoe!

Today was day 6 at the gym. I like to go to the gym late at night. It is quite and nobody is there to be pretty. The exercise clothes don't match, and all the machines are free and clear!

I use to work out to music, but I found if I bring my kindle and read a really good book, I can extend my work out by leaps and bounds... not tonight.

I was so very tired. I felt every minute on that damn elliptical machine.. every stinking second. I ept telling myself, don't quite, hold on, you can do it... I almost didn't. I was so happy when that time display said 25 minutes, I didn't even continue with the cool-down. I hopped off that machine and ran over to the trashcan where they keep the disinfect and hurried back to wipe it down. I was done... on both sides!

dragging my bones over to the massage chair, I put my coin in, and then promptly fell asleep. My son woke me up. I felt a little down, even though I know I gave all I could. Before I left the gym, I asked the dude at the counter could he tell me how many times I came. He smiled and said 17, I know that was wrong. I looked at him confused and he turned the screen around so I could see. I've been a member of Planet Fitness since 2010 and 17 was the total number of times I've atended.





All of a sudden I started to feel better. In the last three years I've been to the gym only seventeen times, and that includes the six times from this month. I may have been tired, I may have shaved five minutes off my workout, but I did it, and I am no longer giving up!

Until Next Time

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