Got some damn sleep!

I want you all to know that I tore my bed up last night.... yup, I made my bed my bitch!!!! I fell a sleep around 10pm and didn't wake up until 6 in the morning!!! I am too happy about that. I am sitting in my office now I just finish writing my agenda for the day and now I am about to start outlining and working on the blogs I write for other folk.


in other news...

I have been waiting for my dear friends at amazon to publish part four of DOD and I think today may just be the day... happy as hell about that. Fornication Volume Two is coming along nicely but I am not giving a release date until the project is completely finished and back from my editor! The book "Fuck it I'm Fat" is a hugely personal memoir and I am very nervous about releasing it. I shall talk to God and my mother and wait for an answer from both of them before I do it...

Today I happily write about Dragons and encourage all of you to do something that will make your spirit smile within.

with no further ado...

Until next time


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