Starting over

Well, let's recap... 

The Earth Moved... I was in the break room at my job when the ground started shaking. I really could live without ever going through that again... EVER! Hurricane... Irene ran her crazy ass through the east coast blazing a path a destruction. i was at work when she reached our area. When I got off, I just stared out the window and waited (all teary eyed) for my mother to get home. I am facing a crossroad with my book stand... if I don't find a store front that fit's into my budget, the stand will shut down for good. I took a beating in sales over the summer and am still over stocked!

In other news...

Lifer's hard. I wake up and try to make myself a priority. I try to eat right and exercise. I know I need to change my ways. However something happens, and as usual, the promises that I make to myself are the first to be sacrificed. I recognize this and am stopping it now.

Facebook has this thing where when you go to your profile they show your post from that day on a different year... it's a little tab on the upper right hand corner of your screen that says... On this day in 2009 and then it shows your post. Well, guys, I love this tab, and I usually repost the good ones... Until I saw one about my struggle with my weight... It was from 2009.... I have made very little progress from that date on because.... My well being is not a priority for me...

I'm going to make it through a month of blogging and walking... one straight month!

until next time

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