Behind Violet...

I started working on Violet right after Begonia Brown was released. I think I started in the middle of the book, and worked back to the beginning. I was in a lot of  emotional pain and very scatterbrained.

This book being more complexed then the other two required a lot of research.

And the good Lord knew I needed something to do. My heart was broken and they had just repossessed  my minivan

I remember walking into the police department and asking to speak with someone about cocaine charges. The detective, who asked to remain nameless, came out from the back and talked with me for two hours. We went over different scenarios and penalties and what happens when the feds step in. I heart him, and remain forever in his debt because I don't think I could have finished the book without his input.

I interviewed former convicts about the lock-down process, I interviewed tricks walking the strip.
(a lot of good material never made it inside the book)

Although my health was getting better, I was in a real dark place. I took a break from nursing and opened up my book stand. I couldn't take care of myself at that time... I knew i shouldn't be taking care of anybody else. My father was diagnosed with cancer, him and my mother was getting a divorce also and there was no firm ground for me to stand on. Hell I was still driving around with my divorce papers unsigned!

That's when God stepped in. Every single person who came by my book stand brought me encouragement and strength. They offered advice on life and Violet. They loved my other work and reinforced my love of it.

Everyday I wrote a little, prayed a little, and became a little stronger.

I sent my editor the first half of the book (it was a mess, I was a mess)... She took it edited and sent it back to me with in weeks. she held my hand as I trickled that book to her in pieces. She said nothing when the payments came in as sporadic as the content. She recently told me that she was being credited as the Author of Violet on different websites and she couldn't take credit like that. I told her I would fix it but just can't bring myself too... The book would have never happened without her. Point Blank Period!!!!

meanwhile back at the ranch...

My exhusband had moved on with his life as evident in his profile pics of him and his new boo. He wanted the divorce papers signed in the worst way, and rightfully so. We were not together in any shape form or fashion so why was I acting like a total nutjob and not signing those papers...

beats the fuck out of me.

In steps Rachelle Howard! She called me... made me get the papers and sign them while she was on the phone. I think I throw up afterwards. I gave them to my mom who put them in the mail. FOREVER GRATEFUL!

Junnita Jackson did the cover and acted as my on call therapist. I love her more than words...

My producer and his wife Raheem and Dona Foster saw me through to the end. They called me daily wanting updates on my progress.

Long Story Short
I was forged in the fire while writing this book. When you read it, you'll feel my pain, witness my struggle, and see my growth. By the time Violet went through it's second printing, I was completely healed and released from all of that pain.

 Covered by grace

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