Random sleepy shyt

Well I'm up in the middle of the night the pain has gone (My brain was attempting to escape the confines of my skull or I had a fuggen headache) but sleep doesn't seem to be an option...

I've decided to blog...

About what you say?

I don't fuggen know... hence the title.

I started this blog last night and now it's 6 o'clock in the morning and I'm up and operating on 3 hrs of sleep. Tired... I look like a fricken zombie....

There are three things on my mind this morning...

1st... I'm hungry good thing I'm having a Breakfast at my stand on 29th and Dauphin. Club21 book club, Author Donneil D. Jackson, and Author Karen E. Quinones Miller will be in attendance (I slew of other authors will be stopping by... you won't want to miss this!)

2nd... Why in the sam hell can't a bitch sleep at night. I mean seriously I need to be sedated. I wonder if anybody seen my 40 winks hanging around... and do they sell horse tranquilizers on the street. ( I'm seriously thinking about hiring a dude to come by my house and punch me in the temple er'night (knock me the f*ck out please)

3rd... Does anybody notice that the cost  of gas is creeping the f*ck back up? I mean it was 3.69 last week and now it's back to 3.75. I object damnit... I am still in a recession and I don't appreciate the astronomical gas prices (Seriously considering commuting by roller skates, seriously roller skates...seriously)

this has been a mini blog update by yours truly

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