Spaghetti ...

I was totally domestic today. I washed clothes, and cleaned up a little, and I made spaghetti(and I put my foot in it!). I napped for six hours in between all of that good stuff.

I listened to the rain and took a little stroll in it. I bought fruit and arranged it all pretty like on the dinning room table (I saw that on my cousin Crystal's table and copied). Yesterday my cousin Crystal, and aunt Jackie treated my mother and I to dinner. I love my family! We had so much fun eating at Blue2O (the stuffed shrimp and crab cakes is the business) I was totally drunk and felt totally loved by some pretty awesome women!

I hope we can do it again soon, and I hope to hang with Betty and Nea! (hint hint!)

Although Mr. Billy Blanks is out to kill me. I set my alarm an hour and 15minutes early so I can Taebo. (I'm going to look so damn hawt this summer you heard.)

I've found happy again(I couldn't see it behind all the stress). Times are hard, bills need to be paid, got to eat, kinda partial to the roof over my head, so I hustle hard, and count my blessings.

Hakuna Matata People


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