Day 18

I had a pretty good day. I walked early, and ran some errands before opening the stand. The sun was shining, but the wind was a hawking, and the temp remained five thousand below zero. I was cold as all hell and forced to divide my time between rubbing my legs for warmth and holding my racks down so that the wind didn’t knock them over. GREAT FUN!

Between you and me…

I’d much rather have a hellish day at my own book stand than a good day working for someone else, so I was pleased as pie despite the conditions. My son and I worked on his short story for a couple of hours and then I took a nap that turned into a coma-like slumber.

I just woke up…

I did a bit of research and character sketches for an upcoming project. And now I’m sipping tea and blogging with you guys. I wonder if a book on organization would help my chaotic life. I’d pay perty penny for a book like that. (It probably would need to come with someone that would actually make me apply its suggestions) So sad!

In any event, I’ve a busy day ahead of me.

So until later


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