April 11 Day one!

My bed is covered with outlines for new writing projects, old plays that I wrote way back when, and scrubs fresh from the dryer. I still managed to find a clean corner, curl up(kind of) and take a late, late, overly past due, cat nap.


It took an additional hour, all the strength of my soul, and divine intervention for me to get up and write this blog.


Well I won't rehash all of the sorted details of why I'm starting this discipline building blog over that's what archives are for, but I will say I took a day off to see if this was something that I wanted to continue. I don't, but seeing as how the scrubs are still on the bed from my early morning adventure with the laundry, I am still in need of a daily dosage of self control...

I walked early this morning to beat the heat. I ate oatmeal for breakfast and opened my book stand at a new location. I was on a roll. Then the sun broke through the clouds and really turned my frown upside down. Beautiful day indeed.

I sold a few books, wrote a few chapters and booked a couple of days work at the hospital.

I'm happy, tired, but happy.

Good Night Blog World.


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