What up blog world. I’m checking in after weeks of silence to let you know of my progress for the battle of the bulge and my sad Pepsi addiction. I have to start drinking water on the regular basis (CLUAD GIVE ME STRENGTH)
My problem so far as I can understand it, is pressure. I have an unhealthy tolerance for stress and all that jazz, however my coping mechanisms are very destructive. Last night while attempting to write, because I’ve actually got nothing done, I gorged on three slices of pepperoni pizza and a liter of Pepsi. I’m still full. Umm YUK!!!!
I’ve got a handle on exercise but I can never seem to eat right and exercise at the same time. I am going to do better. Limit my soda intake and eat some green things. Pray for me people!
In other news I’ve planned 6 months worth of touring (Like pulling teeth!). I’m excited this go-round. My son has been promoted to President of my company. He actually likes it, and I wouldn’t have the guts to do half of what I do without him.
A short note with more news to come
Until next time

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